Female Founder Friday!


Female Founder Friday!

Happy Women’s History Month, everyone! Throughout March, we're thrilled to join the celebration of the incredible achievements and contributions of women around the world. At Naturally Drenched, we're taking this opportunity to honor the remarkable female founders who've played a significant role in shaping our journey. Every Friday this month, we'll be giving a heartfelt shoutout to the visionary women whose dedication and innovation have helped our society flourish. This week, it's all about those who've helped us bloom into the company we are today!

🌸 Cynthia Johnson - Cindy J Labs

Cynthia Johnson, Founder & CEO of Cindy J Cosmetic Labs, LLC, is the brilliant mind behind many of our formulated products. Her mastery in cosmetic chemistry has brought forth creations that our customers adore. Cynthia Johnson earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from The Lincoln University. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Cosmetic Science from the University of Cincinnati. Cynthia Johnson has always believed in pushing boundaries and approaching product formulation in innovative ways. She constantly thinks outside the box to deliver truly unique, tailored solutions that you can’t find anywhere else. At Naturally Drenched, we're deeply grateful for Cynthia's dedication. She consistently listens to our extensive feedback and works tirelessly to ensure that our products contain innovative ingredients that deliver exceptional results

🌼 Dr. Nanayaa Bates - Ayewa Lab

Dr. Nanayaa Bates, the founder of Ayewa Labs in Ghana, Africa, led the creation of our newest sensation, Reboot Detox Shampoo. Her innovation and dedication to quality have elevated our product line to new heights. Dr. Nanayaa Bates also holds a PhD in Biomedical Material Science and Engineering. One thing we admire about Ayewa Labs is that some of the ingredients used for formulation are grown in house on their farm, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability. We're incredibly thankful for Dr. Bates and her team's meticulous attention to detail, as they've ensured that Reboot contains ingredients that properly cleanse the scalp without stripping the hair of all its natural oils.

🌺 Andrea Cid - Miami Growth Machine

Andrea Cid, founder and CEO of Miami Growth Machine, has been instrumental in the manufacturing process for one of our most exciting products. Her expertise and commitment have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on our brand. Working with entrepreneurs, Andrea is passionate about building an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Miami, where founders of all backgrounds can thrive. Andrea has a degree in Economics from Harvard College and an MBA from The Wharton School. We are deeply grateful for Miami Growth Machine as they are one of the few manufacturers, especially in Miami, that makes it easy for small businesses to manufacture their products.

Let's continue to celebrate and uplift the achievements of women everywhere, not just this month but every day. Together, we can create a more inclusive and empowered world. Happy Women’s History Month!

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