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Naturally Drenched

Watermelon Dreams

Watermelon Dreams

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The Absolute Oil

  • 100% Kalahari melon seed oil
  • Cold-pressed
  • Rich in nourishing omega-6 fatty acids stimulate skin cell growth, helping to regenerate and restructure skin cells to keep your skin feeling supple and firm. It also keeps skin looking blemish-free, and helps build up the lipid barrier
  • Antioxidants to hydrate scalp, skin, and hair
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: with a combination of vitamins A, C, and E
  • It is a lightweight oil that does not clog the pores or hair follicles, which prevents the hair from being weighed down. Its comedogenic rating is 0 – 1, and It’s also fast absorbing.


1. Warm three to five drops in the palm of your hands.
2. Apply to your Hair, face, or, body.

Don't forget your neck, décolleté, and cuticles.

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