Empower yourself!


Empower yourself!

Strong Afro-Latina Women to empower ourselves

The Black Community has always had a big impact in history, the story repeats for Afro-Latinos as well, in today's post we want to specifically focus on Afro-Colombians and their role in Colombia’s history. If you want to know more about this country and its diversity read our post on Encanto- An homage to Colombia’s diversity.

Meet 6 of the most influential strong black women who have made remarkable contributions to Colombia's history, and some of their most empowering quotes and artwork.

1. Delia Zapata Olivella

Delia Zapata Olivella was a Colombian dancer, choreographer, and folklorist. She defended the importance of black culture in Colombia from its Pacific and Atlantic coast.

Source: Radio Nacional de Colombia

2. Leonor González Mina

Leonor González Mina, also known as “La Negra Grande de Colombia” directly translated to English as “The Greatest Black Woman of Colombia” 

She was an Afro-Colombian musician and actress.

Some of the music genres she used to make were the well-known Colombian bolero, bambuco, and  CUMBIA! 

Her first album “Cantos de mi Tierra y mi Raza” which translates to “Songs about my land and race” was the first album made by a black woman because before the black community was made invisible in this culture.

3. Francia Márquez

Human rights and environmental activist. She received the Goldman Prize in 2018 for defending nature and the environment.

She has been an activist since she was 13, right now she is a single mother of two and studied Law.

 4. Doris Hinestroza

The first Afro-Colombian woman to get a Master’s degree in Mathematics

Source: Cali Buenas Noticias

5. Teresa Martínez de Varela

One of the first black Colombian women to publish books in Colombia. She was also known as “Lisa de Andráfueda.”

She was a writer, teacher, and social leader.

6. María Isabel Urrutia Ocoró

María Isabel Urrutia, former weightlifter, athlete, and politician, was the first-ever gold medal for Colombia at the summer Olympic games in 2000.

#Funfact: Luisa’s Character in Encanto is based on her!


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