An homenage to Colombian Diversity 

Encanto is the last Disney movie and the first one set in Colombia that everyone is obsessed with, and we are not the exception! We are obsessed with the characters, the plot, and the music! Encanto follows Mirabel, a Colombian teenager that is part of the Madrigal family that rules the town. All of the family members have one supernatural gift that allows them to do extraordinary things, but this all changes when it's Mirabel's turn to receive her gift, and she discovers she's just an ordinary girl. 

Encanto is set in a fictional land in Colombia based on some of Colombia’s most beautiful towns like Salento. It includes an exceptional cast of voice actors like Adassa, Diane Guerrero, and Maluma.

Whether you know this awesome movie for its plot or for some of their hit songs written by Lin- Manuel Miranda like “We don't talk about Bruno” which has been in the top 50 charts for the last few months since the movie was released.

We want to highlight some of the most beautiful thing we found about this movie: its diversity and its message of acceptance and self-discovery.

Disney's Encanto features characters with varying skin tones, ranging from light to dark, and hairstyles that vary from straight to curly #Curlclusive. The diversity that the movie portrays is amazing and it's an accurate portrait of the diversity within the Latinx community.

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