5 ways to use Watermelon Dreams


5 ways to use Watermelon Dreams

The absolute oil is here! Watermelon Dreams is here to improve all of our beauty routines. 

Did you know that Watermelon Dreams can be used for your hair, face, and body? Keep reading to learn 5 ways in which you can use Watermelon Dreams.

Watermelon Dreams

  • 100% Kalahari melon seed oil
  • Cold-pressed
  • Organic
  • Rich in nourishing omega-6 fatty acids that stimulates skin cell growth, helping to regenerate and restructure skin cells to keep your skin feeling supple and firm. It also keeps skin looking blemish-free, and helps build up the lipid barrier
  • Antioxidants to hydrate scalp, skin, and hair
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: with a combination of vitamins A, C, and E
  • It is a lightweight fast absorbing oil that does not clog the pores or hair follicles, which prevents the hair from being weighed down. Its comedogenic rating is 0 – 1, and It’s also fast absorbing

Here are 5 ways in which you can use your Watermelon Dreams! 

1. Scalp Care

Due to the antioxidants Watermelon Dreams possesses, it’s perfect to hydrate a dry scalp! It's also rich in linolenic acid, unclogs pores and removes excess sebum.

2. Cuticles

If you have cracked or dry cuticles, Watermelon Dreams will be a lifesaver for you! Cuticles are the area of skin around your nails that serves as a protective barrier, this area is prone to dryness.

Just apply a few drops of Watermelon Dreams and you’ll see an immediate change. Remember a little goes a long way! 

 3. Skincare

Watermelon Dreams could be the step you’re missing in your skin care routine. It moisturizes skin, and stimulates skin cell growth.   

 4. Hair Care

Watermelon Dreams will soothe and moisturize your hair and scalp, add shine and can strengthen your hair by adding nutrients, controlling dandruff, and helping with dry ends.

5. Styling your hair

If you usually plop your hair, Watermelon Dreams can be super useful for you. After your wash day (Tip: If you use Rebalance your winning wash-day is secured) use the 3T Wrap (Microfiber Towel) for plopping and apply oil when your curls are 70% dry and/or to break your curl's cast.



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