Colorful nail art for Valentine's day, bright neon pink and golden chunky rings


20 Valentine's Nail Designs To Rock! Updated

20 Valentine's Nail Designs To Rock This Year! Updated

Whether you have plans for V-day or not, you can still rock some cute Valentine's Day-inspired nail looks for the month of February.  So instead of scouring the net, we've compiled a couple of looks for you.  So get to scrolling.

1. The first look is the classic nail art for Valentine's day featuring some hearts in red and pink.

2. This look features a pink base nail with red lips and pink hearts.
3. Iconic V-day minimalistic nail design
4. Heart-shaped nail design for Valentine's day
5. Matte nail designs are still trendy, try this design for vday
6. Pink base nail with little hearts nail art
7. What do you think about this nail art design using Naturally Drenched brand colors?
8. Pastel vibes
9. Dreamy pink and white inspired Nail Art
10. Minimalistic black heart nail design
11. Heart-Shaped V-day Nail design
12. Heart-shaped Cherry Nails
13. Red, pink, and white nail art for Valentine's day
14. Purple tip and water drop nail art. This is the cutest!!
15. If you are more into minimalistic looks, try this clear base with different purple shades hearts
16. Awesome nail design 
17. Rhinestones are so trendy right now! 
18. Match your Nail Art design with some chunky and colorful nails
19. Matte pink ombre nails
20. This one is one of our favorites!
Tell us which one are you getting done for Valentine's day?
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