We are facing a global climate crisis due to our negative impacts on the planet. Extreme weather events are happenning much more frequently, emissions are speeding up the global temperature increase, biodiversity is under threat, human activity is degrading soil, human activity is also acidifying oceans,the plastic tide is yet to turn, food systems are not future-proof, etc.

It is the time to ask ourselves if we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint?

Carbon FootPrint definition is: "The total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions" If you want to know what is your carbon footprint based on the lifestyle you have, you can just Google "Carbon FootPrint Calculator" and see how can you reduce your carbon footprint.

The evidence is clear: the ease of our life as a consumer-based society has severely overwhelmed our environment with tons of waste. We have exploited our planet’s natural resources to meet the demands of our everyday necessities—we have to do better! A conscious effort to support environmental sustainability is required during a product’s life cycle, at all levels, from manufacturing, consumption and disposal.

So Drenched and So Clean!

Naturally Drenched is truly committed to a strategy that all of our products are thoughtfully studied for alternatives that are eco-friendly and reusable. Additionally, to promote and educate eco-awareness for our patrons, Naturally Drenched has launched a non-profit campaign called “Naturally Drunk” with the slogan, “Wasted on Nature’s Goodness”—taking the generally derogatory terms of “drunk” and “wasted” and giving them a new and positive meaning. This campaign aims to inform our CURLCLUSIVE community how to innately dispose and reuse items we consider waste into fun, everyday functional tools. As we teach and practice viable sustainable methods at the micro-level, we are helping the planet regenerate and continue to exist for future CULRCLUSIVE generations.



Wasted on Nature’s Goodness: The “Naturally Drunk” Campaign is dedicated to environmental education, giving back and making a difference. Please stay tuned as we release Eco-awareness information and monthly additions that support the minimization of waste!

- Naturally Drenched

The Mission...

We’re offering an add-on with each purchase of our Rebalance Treatment! For an additional $1.25, you can add on a reusable pump, or mist trigger spray as a means to utilize the aluminum bottles for multiple personal and household needs after the Rebalance Treatment has finished. The idea is that we avoid the use of single use plastic and just get one reusable pump that we know we are using multiple times.

Additionally, we are offering our CURLCLUSIVE community the option of safe and recyclable shipping packaging via our “LimeLoop” collaboration—which minimizes waste and saves resources without compromising packaging integrity. Their green conscious mission aligns with Naturally Drenched’s core values to do better together today, for a greater tomorrow! All purchases will be equally matched by Naturally Drenched and donated to a sustainable cause, like Charity waters: a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% goes to the field.


Looking for a place to reuse your bottle, click the link below!


"Naturally Drunk - Wasted on Nature's Goodness!"

Thank you!