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The key to upgrading your hair care routine

Knowing the difference between Hydration Vs Moisture 

Let's chat about what "hydrate" and “moisturize” both mean!

Let's get all the way into it! Hydration is the process of replacing water.  Moisturize means making something less dry.  Hydration and moisturization work together but are not the same thing. The best form of hydration is water.  Hydration is locked in when you moisturize your hair follicles with a treatment i.e. Rebalance, or a light oil. Moisture creates a natural protective barrier, that prevents water loss. 

That is why Rebalance is so special because it moisturizes your hair follicles and also helps lock in hydration by dropping your hair and scalps pH level down to a healthy acidic range. Here are five tips on how to properly hydrate and moisturize your hair:

  1. Saturate hair with water before you start your shampooing and throughout the wash day session for hydration.
  2. Deep condition your hair once a week for moisture.
  3. Clarify your hair and scalp once a month to remove all buildup so your hair can absorb as much water as possible.
  4. Take your time and make sure your hair is detangled well during wash day so all of your hair can benefit from the water, and products you are using.
  5. When you feel your hair getting dry during the week mist with water to hydrate your curls.

 Timing is also really important, that is why it is really important to know when do your curls need moisture?

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