Slay The Holiday: The Office Party "Sleigh"


Slay The Holiday: The Office Party "Sleigh"

It's getting cold outside Curl Nation, which means it’s time to pull out the trench coats and cute boots from the back of the closet! It’s also TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! *Puts Mariah Carey on repeat* The temperature drop does not mean you have to give up your favorite hairstyles. If anything, now is the time to experiment with your hair for any and all upcoming events – and we know the holiday season means being booked and busy! In partnership with our friends at Marjani Beauty, we’ve put together a beauty edit of hair and make-up looks for your fave holiday occasions.

For these versatile and cute styles, you will require your fave leave-in conditioner and styling foam, the Keep It Tight Styling Clips, and your Watermelon Dreams Oil! All styles must be done on freshly washed hair and will last you for a week if done correctly. 

The Office Party Sleigh 

Whether celebrating with colleagues in-person or virtually, dazzle in soft glam with a magic roller set. You’ll be the belle of the ball, serving a classic look they’ll talk about all year long.

Hair Inspo/Image: MsLoganLamar via Instagram

Do the [hair] do:

  • Divide your hair into 4 sections, this is where the Keep it Tight styling clips will come in handy and apply your leave-in one section at a time. You can blow dry your hair to get a longer look, but you will find that you have a better definition when you allow your hair to dry about 50-70% before setting.
  • How many rollers you want to put in is completely up to you, but the smaller the section the more rollers you will need. Breaking each of your sections down into 4 sections is usually the easiest way to go.    
  • Starting from the back, take the amount of hair that you want for your roller and fully saturate your section with your styling foam. 
  • Take your roller and start twisting the ends of your hair around it. Once your ends are properly on the roller, you can start rolling it up towards your scalp, then secure it.
  •  Once you have all your rollers in, let your hair air dry for at least 24 hrs, it may take up to 2 days for some people. If you want to take out them the same day, use a hooded dryer to speed up the process.
  • Before you take down your perm rods make sure your hair is 100% DRY. Gently unravel your hair while using Watermelon Dreams to reduce frizz causing friction.
  • Separate your hair, then fluff using our Bamboo hair picks to give your hair some VOLUME!

This make-up look is effortless, yet well-put together. Check out the links below for the full deets on the look!

Achieve the look:

  • Talking Smack (but not too much… we have jobs to keep):

Beauty Edit: Office Party Sleigh

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