Hydration Vs. Moisture


Hydration Vs. Moisture

The key to upgrading your hair care routine: knowing the difference between hydration vs moisture.

A lot of times naturals mistake moisture with hydration. This then leads them to pick products that lack hydration or moisture. First let’s figure out the difference between the two terms, and then figure out which one your hair is lacking.

Words mean things!

Let's get all the way into it! Generally speaking, hydration is the process of causing something to absorb water. When it comes to hair, hydration refers to how much water is in the strands. The best form of hydration is water, making this an easy task to accomplish in the curl-care routine. You can take a bath and soak your hair in water. While hydration is easy to accomplish, eventually your hair will dry out. There needs to be something to lock the water into your hair to prevent moisture loss. This is where moisture comes in. Moisture is water or other liquid diffused in a small quantity as vapor, within a solid, or condensed on the surface. When it comes to hair, moisture is the ability to hold water and seal it in, so it doesn’t evaporate too quickly. 

Tips for adding hydration and locking in moisture!

  1. Treat your hair: One way to hydrate your stands and lock in that moisture is using a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Our Rebalance Pre-Conditioner Treatment hydrates your hair follicles and helps lock in moisture by dropping your hair and scalps pH level down to a healthy acidic range.

  2. Get your hair soaking wet: Saturate hair with water before you start shampooing and throughout your wash day routine for hydration.

  3. Get a clean canvas to work with: Using a clarifying shampoo on your hair and scalp once a month will remove all buildup. This will help your hair to absorb as much water as possible.

  4. Your shampoo and conditioner is important: Make sure that you are using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This will help with making your hair look shiny.

  5. Time is on your side: As you go through your wash day routine, take your time to make sure your hair is detangled (try our Scalp Flow Massager & Shampoo Brush). You want to ensure that all of your strands benefit from the water and products you are using.

  6. Water is your bestie: When you feel your hair getting dry during the week, mist with water to hydrate your curls.

  7. Less is more: Make sure you are using the right products on your hair. Do not use a lot of product, because that will cause build up on your scalp.

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