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How To Care For Your Kid's Curls?

A Naturally Drenched Guide

Wash day can be a mess sometimes for us, but it can be even more difficult if it is your child wash day and it is your duty to take care of it, but don't worry, Naturally Drenched is here to help you take care of your kid's curls. You’ve waited as long as you can, but can’t wait any longer!  It’s your little one’s wash day, and it’s safe to say you haven’t mastered a solid routine.

The reality is any regular curl routine takes work.  At the salon we see many parents who really want to learn how to care for their children’s curls, but are overwhelmed with information, we can make it so much easier, read this article and learn how to take care for your kid's curls.

We recommend that you check first how to detangle curls.

First let’s talk necessary tools:

Next up, let’s chat routine:

  1. Download the curl journal ASAP. Click here!
  2. Make sure you are washing and deep conditioning your child’s hair at least once a week. The most important product is H2O.
  3. If braids are the look your little one is rocking, make sure to take breaks in between, and use a leave-in when the braids are in, to keep the hair moisturized.

Last but not least, lets chat product selection:

  1. Use a gentle clarifier once a month to make sure the scalp and hair is clean.
  2. Find a salon quality moisturizing shampoo. It doesn’t have to be high end, but it does have to actually work.
  3. Rebalance those curls! Rebalance contains aloe vera which is great for moisturizing curls, not to mention the slip is amazing.
  4. Use a non-protein moisturizing mask or conditioner.
  5. For styling make sure the product has hold, and does not weigh the hair down with heavy ingredients.

Let’s get in fro-mation:

  1. Saturate hair thoroughly with water. Open the hair up, and make sure the outside, middle, and ends are completely wet.
  2. Use your keep it tight styling clips to section the hair into fours. For each section, thoroughly shampoo the hair and scalp. If you are using a clarifying shampoo, only do one shampoo, and then follow up with one or two shampoos with a moisturizing shampoo. Once you’ve shampooed all four sections, rinse completely.
  3. Apply Rebalance to each of the four sections, one at a time. Make sure you detangle each section with the Brush with the Best detangling brush with Rebalance in. Let Rebalance sit for three to five minutes, and then rinse.
  4. Apply hair mask or moisturizing conditioner to each of the four sections, detangle again, and then rinse.
  5. Apply a leave in all over, and then style.

Wash day can be a little tiresome and tedious at first, but after a regular routine is put in place, you and your little one will be both be excited about healthy happy curls!

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