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Obsessed with the product and a huge fan of the owner.

Nina Vargas

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Clean Beauty Meets Curls At Credo Beauty!


Clean Beauty Meets Curls At Credo Beauty!

Jamila Powell, Naturally Drenched's founder is headed to New York City from sunny South Florida.  On Saturday, May 14, 2022 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm she will be answering questions about the brand at the Credo Beauty SOHO location.  Texture artist Chelsea Perdomo (@the_bronx_curl) will be providing complimentary curl discovery consultations.

Jamila Powell, Founder of Naturally Drenched 

Clean to Jamila means taking every aspect of your products and brand into consideration and scientifically evaluating whether or not there is any potential harm to people and the environment. Clean also means being consistently educated on every aspect of your formulation, packaging, and supply chain to figure out ways to ultimately become circular and eliminate unnecessary waste.


“Naturally Drenched is a brand for all curls that is salon quality and is geared to be a system of haircare that actually works. This is not a brand based on speculation, it’s based off of actual firsthand knowledge of what works in the salon. I wanted to create an inclusive brand for all curls; something that brings together the curl community and doesn’t separate based on curl pattern and texture.”


Our Hero Product

Receiving rave reviews, the hero Rebalance pre-conditioner treatment promises hydration and shine as it restores your curl pattern and strengthens hair follicles. Rebalance is a pre-conditioner treatment used to provide your hair with extra nutrients to restore your hair’s pH and ensure hydration and shine. Rebalance is TLC—tender, loving curls—in a bottle! It smooths your hair's cuticle and restores its pH with a blend of softening papaya, moisturizing calendula, and soothing aloe vera, making it all the more ready for the benefits of your favorite conditioning product. This ultimate treatment: it strengthens hair follicles; protects against dryness and breakage; reduces frizz; revitalizes color; and restores your curl pattern!


Join Jamila and Texture Artist Chelsea Perdomo (@the_bronx_curl), who will be complimentary curl discovery consultations.

Chelsea Perdomo-Ortiz is a Mother, Wife, Curly Hair Specialist, Certified Hair loss Practitioner who has been a Curly Hair stylist for about three years. Education is very important to her so she makes sure to educate all of her clients during each service so they can recreate the looks at home and maintain their hair.

To join us on May 14th at Credo, RSVP here!


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