Female Founder Friday - Stylist Edition

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Female Founder Friday - Stylist Edition

Happy Women’s Month, beautiful ladies! If you follow us on IG and constantly check the website, then you know what today is - it’s Female Founder Friday!

In our last blog post, we featured female founders who have been working with Naturally Drenched from the start. For this Friday, we’re shining the spotlight on female stylists whom we have closely worked with and continue collaborating with to this day. 

We’re so excited to introduce to you the stylists who have helped us harness to full power of Naturally Drenched’s haircare products. 

Myriam Georges - Wild Texture Salon

Myriam’s expertise is curls, coils and locs. She focuses on helping her clients feel confident in their natural hair by using styling, cutting and coloring techniques that bring out the best in her clients’ hair. In her Wild Texture Salon, she takes pride in allowing her clients to express how they want their hair to be treated. And, just like a fairy godmother, she makes their dream hair come to life. 

She is a curl & color specialist, creating healthy, beautiful hair in Orlando, Fl! Myriam has been supporting Naturally Drenched since day one. If you stop at her salon you will see you fav ND products on her retail shelf!

Myriam, a curl and color specialist, is a force to be reckoned with in Orlando, FL. With her expertise in curls, coils, and locs, she works magic in her Wild Texture Salon, crafting stunning looks that amplify her clients' natural beauty. Dedicated to instilling confidence in her clients, she employs a blend of styling, cutting, and coloring techniques tailored to each individual, ensuring their dream hair becomes a reality. As a loyal supporter of Naturally Drenched since it was founded, her salon proudly showcases a curated selection of ND products on its retail shelf, reflecting her commitment to nurturing healthy, beautiful hair. Step into her sanctuary, and let Myriam unleash the enchantment of your tresses, transforming them into works of art.

Sharra Spann - A Little Off the Top Hair Studio

Founder of A Little Off the Top Hair Studio, Sharra Spann leads a team of all-female hairstylists. They are far from your run-of-the-mill salon because every appointment booked comes with a free mimosa! Sharra is a multi-textural hairstylist who works with all kinds of hair - straight, wavy, curly and other textures. Apart from giving space for independent creatives to express their expertise in hairstyling, her salon also strives to give clients a highly-personalized experience by allowing them to book their preferred stylist through their website. 

Jamila and Sharra have a long history of working together, going back to Jamila’s days as proprietor of Maggie Rose Salon where she mentored Sharra on the best ways to take care of textured hair. 

Chevelle Chin Slick - Chic Texture

Chevelle, formerly of Jamila's Salon Maggie Rose, brings her wealth of experience to the table as the owner of Tampa-based Chic Texture. Having accompanied Jamila for her HSN premiere, Chevelle knows the ins and outs of creating hair magic. She is an advocate for helping people embrace and love their curls, emphasizing that textured hair is not 'stubborn' or 'difficult,' but rather it's the beholder who may not see the potential of their crowning glory. With specialties including sew-ins, twist-outs, and silk press curls, Chevy's technique focuses on enhancing her clients' present hair texture, ensuring they leave feeling confident and empowered.

Danah - Dstylezyou HairLab

Curl definitions, curly balayage, blow outs and big chops. Dana is a pro in all these things. Her clients love the way she transforms their locks with her salon’s signature treatments. Her haircutting technique is refined especially for different kinds of hair textures. Danah also used to work at Maggie Rose Salon, and is located in Plantation, Fl. Dana is Jamila's go-to curl stylists and she is always willing to trail out an unreleased product! Dstylezyou excels at bringing out the beauty of every woman’s hair by nurturing the hair that they already have. 

Chelsea Perdomo-Ortiz - Come Thru Curls 

Chelsea is a devoted mother, wife, and expert in the field of curly hair care. With a specialization in curly hair and certification as a Hair Loss Practitioner, Chelsea brings over three years of experience to Come Thru Curls, located in Long Island City, New York. Having worked at prestigious establishments such as Devacurl and Rëzo Salon, she possesses a deep understanding of curly hair dynamics. Chelsea's commitment to ongoing education is evident through her completion of the trichology course at USTI, further enhancing her expertise. 

Niani B. - Beaute The Salon

Niani B. is the visionary founder of Beaute The Salon, located in Metro Detroit. With a commitment to excellence, Niani ensures that all staff members undergo comprehensive hands-on training in Beaute Anthologie methods, guaranteeing the highest quality standards for their clients. They prioritize the health and care of your natural hair, offering a range of services including shampoo, express steam treatment, and blow-dry for protective styles. 

Aubrey - The Royal Treatment Inc.

Aubrey is not your ordinary hairstylist; she's a curly hair specialist with over 12 years of experience, initially trained as a registered nurse. With a unique perspective, she views hair through the lens of healthcare, prioritizing the health of both hair and scalp. From straight to the tightest curl, the Royal Treatment, which is located in South Georgia, embraces all curl patterns, infusing them with life through her expertise in cuts and color. Transparency and education are central to her approach; she believes in empowering clients to understand and care for their hair. 

Trina London - Hair by Trina London

Trina London is a UK-based hairstylist who provides a range of treatments for curly-haired and wavy-haired clients. She also provides informational videos on her Instagram page about effective products that her followers can use and she also provides insights on the best services provided by hair salons around her area. Trina is an expert in different kinds of hairstyles that bring out her client’s inner beauty.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Naturally Drenched is proud to spotlight the incredible female stylists who have collaborated with us, shaping the journey of our haircare products. Together, we continue to uplift and empower women through the art of hairstyling. Cheers to these inspiring women and to all the strong, beautiful ladies out there! Happy Women’s History Month!

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