About Our Founder...


Jamila Powell — mother, attorney and
entrepreneur — has turned her passion for hair and self-care into a business. No stranger to beauty, Jamila is the owner of Maggie Rose Salon, which is one of the top texture salons in the country. Her natural hair journey began in college at the Pennsylvania State University, continued throughout Law School at George Washington University and culminated in her launching a salon for women to learn and love their texture. While running Maggie Rose, Jamila discovered which ingredients work best on all hair textures which led the creation of Naturally Drenched: a vegan and eco-conscious collection formulated with your curls in mind!

"Our goal is to create a CURLCLUSIVE environment where everyone can embrace and love their texture." - Jamila Powell, Founder

Affirming humans with curls


We will make waves and shatter boundaries in the hair-care industry.

We will speak positivity into curls; changing the narrative and affirming high-texture crowns through our language, products and engagements.

We will create clean, high performing and nourishing mutli-sensory and multi-purpose hair and self-care rituals.

We will promote a healthier planet through our product development, operations, programs and rituals.


  • Humans-first approach

    We educate, start conversations & cultivate spaces authentic to the intersections of our existence.

  • Transparency & Innovation

    We create creakthrough formulas that are designed and tested thoroughly with only the best in ingredient selection.

  • Earth-friendly operations

    Sustainability is at the core of our decisions. We want happy & healthy people on a happy & healthy planet.