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The holidays are in full swing, halls are decked and Motown Christmas playlists are on blast! In partnership with our friends at Marjani Beauty, we’ve put together a beauty edit of hair and make-up looks for your fave holiday occasions.

For these versatile and cute styles, you will require your fave leave-in conditioner and styling foam, the Keep It Tight Styling Clips, and your Watermelon Dreams Oil! All styles must be done on freshly washed hair and will last you for a week if done correctly. 

Champagne & Mistletoe 

The holidays are full of visits to see your family, your parent's family, and your bae’s family – can anyone say “FOUR CHRISTMASES”?! Sometimes you have to remind yourself, your people and your person that YOU’RE THAT GIRL (gender neutral)! Slay those visits and the New Year’s Eve ball drop with a Braided ponytail & signature red lip. Don’t worry, we’ve provided all the details to keep your hair laid and lipstick intact. ;)


Hair Inspo/Image: Abbiecurls via Instagram


Lay it down:

  • For this style, you will need your fav hair gel, scrunchies, and your fav pre-stretched braiding hair. 
  • Decide if you would like a side part or a middle part for your ponytail, then get to slicking it down into a ponytail. Make sure your hair is completely detangled to help get your hair as flat as possible.
  • Once your hair is slicked down and in a ponytail, take your braiding hair and decide how thick you want the braid to be. Separate the braiding hair into different-sized pieces, starting out larger and getting smaller as you continue to separate the hair.
  • Start braiding your actual hair, but only braid 1/4th of it. Take your largest piece of braiding hair and add it in between the middle and right piece of your braid. Continue braiding and adding in pieces until there are none, then braid down until you have reached the end of the hair.
  • Use a hair rubber band and add it to the end of the braid. To spice the style up a bit, take a Flexi rod or a perm rod and wrap the end of the braid around it. Dip it in hot water to ensure the curl is there. 
  • Lay down those baby hairs and trim all the fly-away hair on the braid. 

The braided ponytail allows for easy, breezy hair maintenance (scarves required), so there’s more time for your glam. This on-the-go look includes products that can be used for more than one style and a beautiful red lip that will last you all day long. No need to re-apply after every sip, bite, convo or kiss you have this month. 

Achieve the look:

  • Serving Face:
  • Pucker Up:
  • Finishing Touch:
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