Naturally Drenched goes “Cult”

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Naturally Drenched goes “Cult”

We are now available at Cult Beauty 

Today is our one year anniversary!  

One year ago Naturally Drenched was just a dream, one year later we've become one of the most trusted and loved clean curl care brands. It has been a year full of challenges and learnings, but we are coming stronger than ever before. We are really grateful for your support, and are incredibly proud of the progress we have made together as a community. We cannot wait to reach more goals together in 2022!

Amazing things are coming this year: Naturally Drenched is expanding its catalog, bringing on much more products, and most important of all, we are happy to announce that we are officially launching in Cult Beauty! Cult Beauty is also famous for it's advent calendar, and carrying brands such as: Huda Beauty, 19 99, Tower 28, and Milk Cosmetics.

We can't believe we are launching in Cult Beauty on our one year anniversary & during Black History Month. It has been my dream to make rebalance a global product and the goal is achieved! Go to Cult Beauty and get yours ASAP! 

For my fellow Americans, Cult Beauty is an e-tailer founded in the UK, created by Alexia Inge and Jessica Moore.  Looking for a change they decided to launch Cult Beauty, a retail store with products curated with only products that they believe in and that they were sure they work. 

Naturally Drenched is now considered “Cult”, a product that works and that they believe in. Cult Beauty is usually the destination for those looking for the next big thing, we share some of the values, one the most important for them and for us is transparency with our ingredients and with what our customers think of our products.

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