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Fine Tuning Your Wash Day!

You're never fully dressed without an amazing wash day!  I too have been guilty of sticking to a wash day that doesn't work, instead of figuring out what's going wrong. That all changed when I decided to keep my own wash day curl journal, to make sure my routine was spot on. It forced me to really analyze what I was doing, and to pay addition to the condition of my hair. I made necessary changes, and I'm impressed with the results. If you are interested in starting the process, download your journal here.

Once you've completed step one, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. Is your wash day the bomb.com, or is it a fail. Results are key. If the results are falling a little flat, let's see why. Click here to download step two in our healthy hair journal, and let's make your wash day A++!

It is also really important to know how to detangle your curls! 

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