Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Can you believe it? We are halfway through October, Curl Nation!! Can you believe it? We hope you started this month off on a positive note and were able to put new rituals into place. It’s totally OK if you didn’t have time to do so, because you still have the rest of October to get started. 

October is mental health awareness month. If you have been neglecting how you feel, now is the time to step back and evaluate your feelings. Simple things such as talking to a friend, watching your favorite movie, or eating from your fav restaurant can help bring up your mood. If you want some affordable self-care inspo, check out our previous blog here

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness and we wanted to shine a light on this important topic. Anyone can get breast cancer, and it has several signs and symptoms. It’s important to make sure you are getting your yearly mammogram and/or are giving yourself a breast self-exam at least once a month. If you notice anything different, feel a lump in your breast or notice any discharge, let your healthcare provider know as soon as possible. To those who are currently diagnosed with breast cancer, or have previously battled this disease, you are a warrior! 

Check Your Boobs!

If you are not too familiar with mammograms or the process of getting one, it's ok — ND is here to inform you! A mammogram is a screening tool that consists of taking an x-ray of the breasts. It is used to detect early signs of breast cancer early, in some cases years before a lump develops. This allows for early diagnosis that could save the women’s life. According to the American Cancer Society, women 40 and above should get a screening yearly. Speak with your primary care provider about where to get a mammogram, and if a prescription for it will be necessary. For those who are currently undergoing chemotherapy, you may have seen a change in your hair — whether it be hair thinning or complete hair loss. In situations like this, it is very important to make sure you are taking care of your scalp. Both chemotherapy and the hair loss it causes can make your scalp feel rough and itchy. Using a lightweight oil such as Watermelon Dreams will help relieve the rough and itchy feeling. It is made with clean ingredients and is perfect for those that have sensitive skin. 

It is also important to make sure that you are protecting your scalp from direct sunlight. You can use a wig to protect your scalp. Full transparency: depending on where you live, it may cause your scalp to sweat. If this is the case head wrap of your choice or a hat can protect your scalp and help elevate your outfit so you can look fabulous while keeping your scalp protected. 

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