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15 Protective Styles You Should Try

Top 15 Protective Styles 

Protective styles are very popular low-manipulation hairstyles that allow all natural girls to look cute while doing the bare minimum. Lasting several weeks to months at a time, protective styles are easily manageable and can be super budget-friendly. If you are looking for a simple style to sport for the summer, check out this list of the 15 best protective styles you should try.

If you are planning on getting any of these protective styles, check out our haircare essentials.

1. Knotless Braids

Knotless Braids have become a cute trend in 2020. While a bit pricier than usual box braids, they look much sleeker and neater. Plus, they last just as long. Just take a couple of hours on a weekend and you have a hairdo that should last you almost 2 months.

Knotless Braids.jpg

2. Passion Twists

Passion twists are a cute, simple style for the summer and are extremely easy to do yourself. Simply rubber-band your hair and head to the beauty supply store to get some crochet twists and a crochet needle. You could also go to a professional to get them done, but DIY is cheaper!


3. Faux Locs

Faux locs are a great protective style for anyone who ever wanted to try locs, but never quite committed to the style. They can be crocheted in or installed with braiding hair (but I must warn that process can be very lengthy). 

Faux Locs.jpg

4. Feed Ins

There are tons of braided styles to try that will have great effects on your hair, but feed ins have to be the best. It takes almost no time to put in and even less time to take out. Plus they last a couple of months, getting you virtually through the entire summer with one style!

Feed Ins.jpg

5. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a traditional style that originated from the Zulu tribe. For bold, but flirty style try this style along with some gold or silver hair accessories. While bantu knots don’t last nearly as long as some of the other styles, when taken out they create some cute bouncy curls that could be worn for another week or so.

Bantu Knots.jpg

6. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are much like traditional box braids, but much easier and faster to take out. It is very important, though, to make sure these twists are not put in too tightly as that would cause tension and breakage of the hair.

Senegalese Twists.jpg

7. Beaded Braids

This is a good way to snazz up any braided style. Add some clear, colored, or shell beads to take any braided style to the next level. 


8. Crochet

Crochet styles are simple to do for any beginner and can be done in a number of ways: half up, half down; cute, bouncy fro; even in a curly bun. There are tons of different crochet hair types and in many different colors for many variations of looks.



9. Halo Braid

Halo braids are probably one of the simplest styles. They usually last up to 6 weeks. Being completely inexpensive, you could keep getting them all throughout the summer for low maintenance on a budget. 

Halo Braid.jpg

10. Pineapple Up-do

Pineapple is usually an up-do that protects your hair at night. However, paired with twists or braids, it makes for a super professional and stylish look.



11. Mini Twists

Twists are usually used as a next day styling method, however, you can also keep them in for 4-6 weeks to create a lasting protective style.


12. Braided Bob

Used to getting box braids? Why don't you switch it up? All it takes is to cut the braids to whatever length you want and burn the ends to create a chic, braided look.

Braided Bob.jpg

13. Fulani Braids

A blend of feed-in braids and individual braids, fulani braids are aneat, clean look for any beach vacation. 


14. Twisted Ponytail

Another spin on a classic style, create some twists going down the side of your head, or perhaps around to make a twisted halo.

Twistes Ponytail.jpg

15. Braided Bun

If you love an easy style that puts the hair up and out of the way, then the braided bun is perfect for you. A classy twist on the regular “messy bun,” this style lasts months and can even be changed into a braided ponytail.

Braided Bun.png
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